Friday, 2 June 2017

2nd June 2017 - Training Smarter Not Harder

Afternoon Folks

So deleted all the old blogs on this site - as I re-read them and I didn't half
talk a good game but never went through with it because I was self deluded about myself and where I was and what I was doing.

So my new starting weight is 288.lbs don't have the fat percentage yet but will get that for next time - I invested in the Skulpt Tool which will give me individual muscle group fat % and muscle quality - been training again with  good Friend James McAlees who is a great help in keeping me motivated and also thanks to Kat Thomson for forcing my hand and getting my to commit back to Shorinj Kempo.

Will post some full stats and images next week as the starting benchmark.
This was me about a year ago with my Iron Brother Steve Rollin I had got down to low 240's but after that started a new job ate tons of crap and jumped up to 299lbs now back at 288 and determined to keep going the right way


  1. Go for it my Iron Bro!! 💪💪

  2. You will do it Al. I can understand you deleting your past posts but it can be useful to hang on to them. They are as much part of your journey as this post is :)